Celebrating doctor’s day in YIPS

Celebrating doctor’s day in YIPS

Red is the first colour of spring. It is the real colour of rebirth of beginning”

– Andie Condie


Red Color Day. … The ‘Red Day‘ celebration was a wonderful learning activity which helped children to understand the concept of Primary Colours. Red colour also signifies Love joy and Compassion. Red is a symbol of high energy and aggression. … To mark this day very special, They celebrated ‘Red Day’ in young india public school. All children came dressed up in red clothes and brought things, mostly of red colour. Through this activity they learnt about the colour ‘Red’ and its beauty.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their practical learning experience. Our passionate team members shanthi, Praba and shanthi programmed many activites related to red colour day celebration. Students were enjoyed.

The young ones sang Red Day song. Some of the students spoke a few sentences on the red object they brought from home. Teachers of nursery Ms. Shanthi and Ms. Praba, discussed the theme in circle time and linked it to all subjects. Our center head Ms. P. Shanthi, had an eventful interactive session with the students about the purpose of such celebrations. Our enthusiastic teachers motivated them to think logically and anticipate rationally.

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