Co-Curricular activities

Language Development

The language development plays an important role in the language learning process. As it is a technological aid for learning, it has a number of advanced facilities that can help a student to learn a language with proficiency to communicate.

Art and Craft

Creativity. This may seem like a no-brainer, but the arts allow kids to express themselves better than math or science.


Problem Solving. In its most simplistic form, chess is quite similar to a large puzzle. Abstract Reasoning, calmness Under Pressure, Patience, Sportsmanship, Creative thinking, Pattern Recognition, Strategic Thinking.


It is not only from mathematics side, but an overall development perspective. … It improves and boosts memory of a child. It also improves creativity of a child. It helps in making calculations faster.


Good handwriting helps you not only develop a good personality but it also helps you keep focused and motivated. It is even said that a good handwriting actually helps in learning better.

Spoken Hindi

Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about. A different language is a different vision of life.


Improves your imagination or understand complex things easily through drawing. It help to communicate, if you are not good with your communication skills. It is easy to express your feelings. It helps children or adults to boost their self-esteem.One of the most effective ways to study and retain new information is to rewrite your notes by hand.


Improves Emotional Health. Experts have extolled the benefits of art therapy in relieving various psychological ailments, including stress, depression, and anxiety.

YIPS Tamil Mandram

Children learn better and faster in a language they can understand (preventing delays in learning) They enjoy to learn our culture through many fun and ctivites. Pupils tend to show increased self-esteem. Parents participation is increased.


Gardening with young children helps their development. Gardening with children provides them with skills to help your child’s development. … Young children can practice locomotor skills, body management skills and object control skills while they move from one place to the other carrying tools, soil and water.

Yoga and meditation

It Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence: Yoga helps to instill confidence and to bring learning to children on an experiential level. Yoga teaches them to persevere, be patient, and work towards their goals. Yoga also provides tools for practicing compassion, mindfulness, generosity, focus, strength, and flexibility.

Physical Education

Studies have shown that exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps the body build more connections between nerves, leading to increased concentration, enhanced memory, stimulated creativity, and better-developed problem solving skills. In short, playing sports helps your brain grow and makes it work better.

Euro Gym

A fitness program especially curated for EuroKids by Health Set Go, India’s largest ISO certified school health organization. All sessions are based on the Health Set Go Play-Fitness Curriculum designed by international trainers to develop various motor skills, body strength, mind to muscle connection, a strong athletic base and a love for fitness.