Admissions open throughout the year to subject availability

YIPS welcome students to an enriching and joyful learning experience. The Admission Procedure is completely transparent, and has been designed to ensure a suitable fit between what the parents and children expect from the school, and what the school in turn can offer to them.

Admission procedure

Step I

Visit our campuses and complete a Pre counselling form.

Step II

Evaluation Procedure

Admission will depend on the following Combined results

  • Aptitude test
  • Age criteria
  • Transfer Certificate (TC)
  • Previous Class Progress Report (If applicable)
  • Principal reserves the right to all admissions

Step III

Participate in a discussion with the Admissions Coordinator

Step IV

Go for a digital campus tour and evaluate the facilities

Step V

Complete the registration by providing all the necessary documentation and remitting the appropriate fees, to guarantee and confirm admission.

Needed Documents
  1. Pre counselling form
  2. Copy of
    Birth Certificate
    Aadhar card
    Passport (if applicable)
  3. Transfer certificate (TC) in original
  4. Previous class progress report (if applicable)
  5. Photograph – Passport size – 4 nos.
  • Original documents must be produced for verification.
  • For Transfer from another CBSE school, submit original Transfer Certificate.

Courses and Age Requirement

Class Applying for Completed age by June 1st of the academic year seeking admission

  • Pre-KG-2 years and 6 months
  • LKG-3 years and 6 months
  • UKG-4 years and 6 months
  • Grade-5 years and 6 months
  • Grade 2-6 years and 6 months
  • Grade 3-7 years and 6 months
  • Grade 4-8 years and 6 months
  • Grade 5-9 years and 6 months
  • Grade 6-10 years and 6 months
  • Grade 7-11 years and 6 months
  • Grade 8-12 years and 6 months

Admissions Enquiry Form

*** Admissions for the academic year 2019-20 are ongoing ***