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“ Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” “The best way to predict your future is to create it. ”                                           
- Abraham Lincoln

Sample Diary

                                               Annual Report 2019-20



    The 2020 Young India Public School Annual Report demonstrates our relentless intent of excellence in the field of nurturing the responsible citizens and stimulates the untapped potential of every child and helps them to excel in it. YIPS, the institution of excellence in producing the leaders of the future. 

    The session of 2019-20 was a great year, and we consider it a moment of pride to showcase to you all the achievements and development of our school.



         “Teachers are also learners.” Staying updated is the key to success in any field, especially, in education. Our teachers constantly strive to stay updated by attending workshops &  training Programs.

          Workshops for teachers are usually aimed at empowering them and acquainting them with the latest teaching strategies, techniques and approaches.

Extra Marks Training Program 

    To provide our staff, constructive and effective teaching experience, the Extra Marks training program was conducted by Natasha at Hotel Rithans, Karumathampatti.

Cambridge Training Program 

     English became worthwhile in the present scenario. English broaden the world. The aim of the workshop is to help individuals learn a bit more about English Language Teaching which helps the tutors to strengthen their children's English proficiency.  Cambridge Training Program (for KET and PET levels) was conducted at KGISL College, Coimbatore.

       Our teachers also conducted a lot of seminars.

YIPS strongly believe that every child learns differently and we facilitate the way each child learns. Academic, pastoral and full guidance are all part of the tutors’ role and the students benefit immensely.


     This year the highlight was an interaction with Dr. Don Thomas, the former astronaut of NASA. Park Institutions organised a lecture by US astronaut, Dr. Don Thomas, at Kaniyur campus. He recounted his adventurous experience in space with Children. Our students from GVI and GVII got the golden opportunity to interact with him.

     Seminars are an ideal opportunity for people who want to study a topic in depth. The sole purpose of given seminars are to support and enhance their ability towards understanding.

     Every child is blessed with unique talents and possesses inherent potential. We provide ample opportunity to every individual to excel in their own ways.


       Apart from teachers and students, our drivers also attended a training session on "Safe Driving" organised by Eicher Company in the school campus.

      Constant improvement is the key to success. In this endeavour, we have introduced a few infrastructural and other developments.



 Praise your children more than you correct them. Praise them for even their smallest achievement. This helps them in marching forward till the excellence is achieved.

  • On 21 August- 19 students participated and 4 students secured First Place, two of them secured second place, 4 students received third place in JSK Sub-Junior Level School Karate Championship.
  • Nagul Krithik of G IV won Individual Championship Award in Speed Skating Open Championship organised by Velocity International Roller Skating Complex, Palladam.
  • Seven students participated in Tirupur District Level Skating Championship held on 29th and 30th September, out of which 2 students were selected for State level tournament and 3 students won gold, silver and bronze in various categories.
  • On 9 November 2019- Maruthi Silambattam Association held at Palani, 2 students won first place, 3 students won second place and 6 students won third place.
  • On 22nd December 2019, JSKA Karate tournament held in Trichy and 3 students were selected for the National Event at Wayanad.
  • On 16th February 2020, Skating Tournament held at Kovai Vidhayashram School, 6 of our students won gold medals, 4 won silver medals.
  • On 23rd February 2020 - Karate Tournament held at Maharishi Eashwarya Gurukalam, Gobi. 12 Students won gold, 7 won silver medals and 4 won Bronze and won Overall Championship out of 20 schools and two students won first place.
  • On 1 March 2020 - Skating Tournament held at Avatar Public School, 14 Students won Gold models, 16 students won Silver and 2 won Bronze models.


  1. Story Telling(Tamil and English)
  2. Dumb Charads.
  3. Picture Description
  4. Speech (Tamil and English)
  5. Clay Moulding
  6. Drawing
  7. Poetry writing(Tamil and English)
  8. Wealth out of waste
  9. Essay writing
  10. Handwriting competition.
  11. Magic Show
  12. Object Painting.
  13. Colouring Competition.

As a part of THP all the above events are conducted.

   Our students' achievement set the path for greater accomplishments in the years to come.




     Assemblies are the crucial part of schools, for they not only cultivate a sense of collective belonging to the school but also develop desirable values, orientation and positive attitude in pupils.

To add a new flavour to the daily assemblies, themes are given to corresponding sections of the school.


    Clubs are so vital because they are the ultimate in experiential learning for young people. Clubs are introduced for skill development and to render inquisitiveness, interest and encourage students to bring out their creativity. This year we have introduced 4 clubs for students of GIV to GVII. The students meet together weekly once and plan and execute various activities pertaining to their Clubs.


 Every week, to awaken in them a taste of imagination and creates a desire to innovate, various topics given to the students of Grade I to Grade VII.

      We believe that learning takes place all the time and everywhere.


      It helps the students to build interest and confidence in learning the subject. The laboratory provides opportunity to exhibit the relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life


        Removal of communal hatred required proper socialization of children. To promote the harmony across all communities, all the festivals irrespective of the religion are fondly celebrated.

    On 22nd August 2019, Krishna Jayanti was celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm.

   On 10th September 2019, Onam and Muharram    were celebrated. Children learnt the importance of these very special days and imbibed in them pride, cultural oneness and a sense of belonging that we are one big family.

    On 8th October 19- Vijayadasami   Celebration took place in the school premises.

   On 14th November 19   - Children’s Day was the highlight of this year.

    On 25th December 2019, Christmas was celebrated. Christmas crib beautifully decorated with colour papers and a group of students enacted the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

    On 14 January 2020, Pongal celebration brought the village environment in YIPS. Our students enjoyed pot breaking activity followed by the rural artists' Oyilattam and Kummi. These performances spread happiness in everyone.


      With gaining knowledge many events were celebrated.

1. Doctors Day was celebrated on 1 July 2019in the school campus. Doctor Krishna Kumar from Prema Hospital Karumathampatti, was the guest of honour. To make the doctors proud, lots of activities such as poem recitation on doctors and drama were conducted. Our guest of honour made our students understand the importance of healthy food habits, cleanliness to the children.

2. 73 rd Independence Day celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor on 15 August 2019. Our students exhibited their nationalism through patriotic songs, speech and poems.


             All roads lead to creativity, 

              Creativity leads to curiosity,

 Curiosity leads to participation.

With the same curiosity everyone participated in the fun and frolic filled Carnival. The carnival brought together fraternity with students, parents, staff and the Management enjoying the event together where our students outlet their talents and took the celebration to a whole new level through their astounding performances. This has brought the laudable reputation to the school.


December 22 nd witnessed a radiant and energetic morning where the school celebrated its Sports day gave the students an amazing opportunity to showcase their potential.

5. On 26 January 2020, to sensitise students on the importance of Republic Day, various activities were organised like speeches and poem recitation, etc… followed by that students and teachers' marathon.

6. Van Mahotsav Day

7. Kamaraj Jayanti and Investiture Ceremony

Kamaraj Jayanti and Investiture Ceremony were collaboratively celebrated in the school campus. Life history of Kamaraj was enacted by our students.

"Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much" with this in our mind, we organise parents orientation programs.


 The motive of celebrating colour day, to make the kids aware of the colour, its significance and to develop the fine motor skills in the students which help in their holistic development.


13th  August19- Blue Day Celebrations

12th  September 19- Yellow day

15th October 19- Green day celebration

18th November 19- Orange Day Celebration

24th December19 Black day Celebration

29th  January 2020 -White Day Celebration


21st  November 19  - Red Day celebration

29th  November 19 - Blue Day Celebration

19th  December 19- Yellow Day celebration

06th  January 2020 -Green Day Celebration.

30th January 2020 -Orange Day Celebration


Field trips are the Powerful learning experiences which create a healthy learning environment. A number of field trips.

were organized throughout the year to ensure their all round development.

     On 26 July 2019, a visit to a Book festival at Codissia by GV,GVI and GVII students. The book fair houses a multitude of books, from novels to educational books, to comics. It triggers the senses of reading varieties of books.

       On  8th  August 2019, visit to Sericulture, Horticulture units and Museum by Grade V,VI and VII Students.

       On 26th  August 2019- Visit to Aquarium by Euro Junior and Trip to Railway Station by Nursery students.

       On 30th  and 31st  August -Visit to" National Science Fair", CODISSIA by Grade I to VII students which enrich their knowledge on different scientific inventions.

    On 18th  October 19- Visit to Epigraphical Exhibition at TEA Public School in Tirupur by Grade VI and VII students. 

On 4th November 19, a visit to Fruits shop by Nursery and a trip to Restaurant by Euro Junior. On 3rd December 2019, Visit to Church by Euro Junior. 

     On 1st February 2020, a visit to Kallar by G I to GIII students was an amazing fun filled trip. Students from GIV to GVII visited Vanaprastha and explored the true life adventure and fun. Our students enjoyed jungle gym, basic mountaineering experience and discovered themselves with fun activities by connecting with Nature.

    On 8th  February 2020, a visit to Electronic Shop by Euro Junior. 

   On 11th  February -a   visit to the Flower Shop by Nursery students.


    In this era of English taking over all other languages, it was indeed a very heart-warming and beautiful moment when our students took part in Spell Bee and won district level and selected for state level spell bee Competition.

       In the Cambridge English Examination and Olympiads (English, Science, Social Science, Mathematics and Computer Science) most of our students passed with flying colours.


        To generate awareness among the people about plastic, students rally and street play on        " Say No to Plastic" was conducted by the students of G VII. Our students carried banners to spread awareness.

      Students create awareness on the usage of eco-friendly products through the entrepreneur on the occasion of YIPS Carnival.

      Our students not only displayed their excellence in academics and sports; the Joy of giving activity witnessed their humanism.


"Environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect".

    YIPS - not only teaching our students how to count, spell, read and write, but also teaching them environmental awareness from an early age. Van Mahotsav Day was celebrated in our school campus to make our students realise the importance of growing plants by planting saplings in the school garden.

"Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.”

     Our students of  G VI and VII guided their juniors in Clay Moulding session on 31 August 2019.They moulded clay and grain Ganesha to celebrate Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi in the campus which witnessed their environmental responsibility.


DPT and Td vaccination was administered to the students on 22.08.19, from Nursery to Grade VII.

      A thorough eye and dental check up was conducted in the school premises. Eye check up conducted by Lotus Eye care hospital and   dental check up conducted by Aadhav Dental Clinic .Students who had problems were directed to the hospital for further treatments.


     Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

    In the world today, we are drowning in information in the darkness. We just need to lit the lamp and let in the beautiful colours of knowledge.      

      Towards the end, I thank the supportive management whose continuous support to our ideology of education has enabled the school to come this far. Parents are our pillars, who have put on us the unwavering faith by giving us the opportunity to renovate their children into truly responsible citizens of the future world.

Thank you very much!!